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Coventry Comic Con Review 10/10/2017

Coventry Comic Con 1 1/10/2017

1 week before Convention need to Finnish off cosplay I’d already  decided  That I was going as 
The 11th Doctor from The Pandorica Opens I already had shirt bow tie fez and stuff and I got The Vortex Manipulator for my birthday but the only problem was that’s i had blonde hair and I didn’t have a Tweed Jacket so with our time to spare the race was on to get it done it time for the convention so I raced straight to the PC and searched for a tweed jacket; couldn’t find one so I look for hair dye but it wouldn’t be here in time for me to Test so I had to get a wig. Found a cheap wig ordered ! Now time to go out to the charity shop and look for jackets! Went up Sue Ryder factory shop saw the exact jumper that Amy Pond wore so my sister decided to be Any Pond. To my suprise I saw a tweed jacket on the rack but it was £25 !!!!!! But being the haggler that my Dad is we got it for £20. My sister then saw a Amy Pond leather jacket which she decided to get for CCC.

1/10/2017 CCC Day !!!!

6am Time to get up

So early but I have to get up as I live 3 hours away from Coventry!

7:30 am 

In the car time for road trip to Coventry !!!! 

9:45 am 

Just arrived in Coventry driving through beautiful place !

10 am 

Finnally arrived at Sports Connexion where CCC 1 is being held quick time for some pics in our cosplay and time to join the line! The Line didn’t take long, It was massive but only because they haven’t opened the doors yet.

11:30 am

Had a look round some stalls. OMG I met Katy Manning I was like having a flipping heart attack when I saw her at her autograph table and my Dad,step Mum and sister was looking at me like what’s he so happy about XD Also met Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred they were cool!!

12 PM 

Time to eat then look round some more stalls before the dragonfire panel at 1PM !!


Time for Dragonfire panel with Sylvester,Sophie and Pat

“I wore Bonnie Langfords nickers” Pat Quin 2017

It was so funny 

4PM Cosplay Comp

The sound guys F**ked off acording to TinyTigresscosplay XD But they actually did I saw them take down all the speakers right in front of my eyes. But nevertheless TinyTigresscosplay pulled it together!!!

Didn’t win no subjects I posted on Twitter and Instagram “@TinyTigresscosplay there should’ve been a best Doctor subject XD”

6:30 PM

such a great day for my first Con I didn’t know what to expect really but it was good and anything that was bad (only a couple things) But I wouldn’t really expect much anyhow as I said I didn’t know what to expect.

Darn father left radio on at lunch and the car battery ran out luckily there was a man with a Dalek battery and some jump leads to jump start it!!!

7:30 PM

Stop off in a city near Wellingborough for Hungary Horse 

8:30 PM

went past a shopping centre in Wellingborough that I went to a few months ago 

9:30 PM 

Finnaly home!!!

Review 4.7 * (out of 5)

Great epic I didn’t really expect nothing more except a few bad things and some stuff that could make it better 

Bad things 

1. Some of the staff swore a lot and there was a lot of children there.
2. The sound team “F**ked off” I know it wasn’t CCC’s fault but Jeff C should’ve stopped them and said Hey we’ve payed you til CCC finnished so come back!! But never mind 

Things to make better

1. Exclusive Merch towards the Con
2. ID’s instead of stamps 

They were my main two bad point and good points.

Birthday Extravaganza live logo

Blog #5 21/07/2017 

Hello I am writing this on the last day of school before summer holidays.
I would just like to say I will be taking a break from youtube during the holidays I should hopefully return in September for my live birthday extravaganza but It won't be on my birthday again like it was last year on the 21st of September as I am very busy that week and on the day I have a school trip 'til late then I'm going out for a meal.

 Blog #4 2/05/2016


Just done some fixing of griefings n Mr Crafty now going for shower

 Blog #3 29/04/2016 

5:35 PM

Just filmed Dubai Airport RP Adventure now going to edit.

5:50 PM

Just edited RP Adventure its now rendering and then I will upload it

8:40 PM

Today I got a video up so I think that's quite dandy! So I hobbled along to Tescos to get some confectionary!

Blog #5 12/05/2016

Soon I will be working with Rhitonic on some videos his website and his youtube is in My friend's channel.

 Blog #2 28/04/2016 

7:40 AM

Good morning everyone! everyone outside the U.K. it's morning everyone !

4:40 PM 

Had a chat with Spring Trap he was bugging me about what I have done today but I keeped saying not much. 

5:00 PM 

Spring Trap left call as he is doing a portal video.

8:15 PM 

I just found out how to make statues of players of people on Minecraft PE servers the command is /slapper spawn player <player name>

 Blog #1 27/04/16

Today was a bit of a mixed day.

Tonight we were going to do a Dubai Airport RP Adventure, I am really sorry but because of the recently update: 0.14.2 that I cant get on

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